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"Shaping the future of eSports!"

Team Riverside was founded in August 2017 and will compete as an eSport team in the disciplines “League of Legends” and “Counterstrike: Global Offensive”. Other teams in other matches are in the founding phase.

We, the two founders Alexander Jakoby and Christof Jugel, have known each other for over a decade and are connected above all by the two passions sport and gaming. Accordingly, it is only natural that our sporting ambition is also projected onto gaming, in which we are always looking for competitive competition.
Since a career as an eAthlete was out of the question for either of us, but our fascination for the rapid, virtual exchange of blows is so great, we decided to build and lead a team together.

"The number of viewers is to rise to 303 million by 2019."

The number of viewers alone describes the growth to an impressive degree. The industry, now worth billions, had a growth rate of 16% in 2016 with 214 million viewers. By 2019, the number of viewers is expected to rise to 303 million, which would correspond to growth of almost 50%.

In addition to all the fun that eSport offers, we see huge potential. The industry is going through a gigantic development in the next few years and we see this as a great opportunity for us and our teams. In a time of so much change and progress, we see the opportunity for us to take an active part in shaping the future of eSport.
Our vision is to professionalize the structure of the teams. Through structured coaching with the individual improvement of all players and the team, we want to create a breeding ground for success.

Our achievements
DreamHack 2018 Leipzig
After the successful online qualifier we managed the second place onstage in Leipzig!
LoL Battlefy Fortified Gaming 100th Tournament
After less than a week, the team reached second place and prevailed against higher-ranking teams.
LoL Battlegrounds Grand Final
Our League of Legends team took second place in the grand finale of the Battle of Runterra of over 1000 participants.
LoL MrMaikAp Cup 3.0
The League of Legends team won the MrMaikAp Cup 3.0 without a single loss and achieved the first place.
Vienna Challenger Arena
Our League of Legends team made it to the semi-finals of the Vienna Challenger Arena, making it to the Comic Con in front of 500 live spectators.
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